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Limit's Official Azshara's Eternal Palace Raid Guide! I'm Crzypck. I've been writing raid guides for a few tiers now, and in Battle of Dazar'alor, I partnered with Limit, the US#1 and World #2 guild, to provide the best possible info. For our Azshara's Eternal Palace guides, several raiders and officers of Limit have reviewed and consulted on the strategies for all eight encounters. Just as a note - this site is not optimized for mobile. You will have a better experience on desktop sites.

These guides are geared towards Heroic and Mythic. The base guide is for Heroic, and when available, Mythic versions of the guides will be posted as their own pages. I'll post an update on Twitter when 6/8M, 7/8M, and 8/8M guides are available. There are differences in every encounter between Normal and Heroic, and I do not document or mention these differences. 


As always, the guides are a permanent work in progress. As the Mythic progression race pushes forward, and logs/videos become available, I'll be updating the strategies or clarifying anything that was incorrect or changed. We'll also be adding any potential “cheese” strats if and when they present themselves.


To access the various boss guides, mouse over the difficulty on the left-side menu, and click the boss you're looking for. Based on the popularity of it from the Battle of Dazar'Alor guide, we've also created a TL:DR summary page of all of the bosses, which can also be accessed on the left-hand side bar. We'll also be updating any changes in our "Recent Changes" page, so check that often to keep up to date.

For added convenience, on every boss guide page, you'll find an anchor menu at the bottom-left side. Click any of the buttons on the list to be brought to that section.


Please feel free to share this guide with anyone who’d be interested! You may contact me with any questions or comments at  Crzypck#6309  on discord, join my discord server, and follow me on Twitter for updates! You can also follow me at  twitch.tv/crzypck,  where I sometimes stream my own guild's raids.  

Lastly, if you like our guides and find them helpful, please check out the "Support the Guides" page to see ways you can help myself and Limit continue producing them! Thanks everyone, and good luck in AEP!