Behemoth Mythic

This guide assumes you are familiar with the Heroic version of the fight. As such, I won't discuss how Heroic mechanics work, and will focus exclusively on the Mythic mechanics, changes, and strategy. If you need a refresher on Heroic mechanics, please visit the Heroic version of this boss's guide.

Mythic Changes

  • As always, everything hits a bit harder

  • Piercing Barb

    • New ability, deals 1.3 million Nature damage to the targeted player

    • Damage is split between all players hit by the Barb as it travels from the boss to the target

    • Requires you having people help soak in the line. The more soakers the better


  • Recommended comp - 2 tank, 4 heal, 14 DPS. If you find the damage overwhelming, you can drop to 5 healers without too much of an issue

  • Largely the same as heroic

  • Most of the raid should help soak the Piercing Barb, to help make the healer’s lives easier

    • You want at least 8-10, if not more, people soaking each Piercing Barb to spread the damage as much as possible

    • Near the end of the fight, if you have a few people dead, you can sacrifice people with Piercing Barb if needed

    • You can also soak Piercing Barb with immunities, so if say a Hunter gets Barb, they should move to a side, pop Turtle, and everyone else stays out of the Barb.

      • This is highly recommended and should be prioritized​

    • The soak bit is kind of buggy. Make sure you're directly on the blue line. If you're too close to the boss's mouth, sometimes it won't count you. Figuring it out will take you a few pulls, that's totally normal. 

  • We recommend ​that if you make it to the 3rd platform with 18+ people alive, you sacrifice anyone with Piercing Barb who cannot immune it. This'll likely save you a couple wipes from too few people soaking a Barb and having 3-4 people die.

  • Shock Pulse is now more dangerous. We recommend having a raid CD used for each cast. Warrior's Rallying Cry is great for this.

  • The Bioelectric Feelers hit WAY harder on Mythic. Make sure you’re at least 3-4 yards away from people so you don’t get zapped

    • This becomes tedious and difficult while trying to soak the Piercing Barb. Just be careful, because if you chain feelers after the Barb deals damage, it’s very easy to die

  • Players affected by the Toxic Spine need heavy spot healing. This DoT really hurts on Mythic, especially with everything else going on

  • Lust on pull


Tank-Specific Tips

  • If you are currently not tanking, and plan to soak a Piercing Barb to help, make sure you have Bioluminescence. 

    • It’s fine for tanks to swap back and forth in time for you to both keep up the debuff

  • This sounds simple, but make sure you’re in range of the healers. With being underwater, it’s a little more difficult to judge distances, so use your raid frames to keep tabs on your healers being within range of you. 

    • Healers can’t reach you = no heals = ded tank = sad raid lead


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