Blackwater Behemoth

Single-Phase encounter, with mini transitions that require you to swim around. Oh, yea, because the boss is underwater. Don’t worry, I’m sure all of your abilities will work just fine =)


Encounter-Wide Ability

  • Darkest Depths

    • Reduces all incoming healing by 100%

      • Please note, this means all healing done to you by OTHER people is reduced by 100%. Any self-healing you do will still work as normal. IE, Protection Paladins can Hand of the Protector themselves, and it’ll work normally.

    • To counter this, there are a number of Shimmerscale Pufferfish around the encounter area

      • Killing a Pufferfish will cause it to explode into a Bioluminescence Cloud

      • Coming into contact with the Cloud grants you Bioluminescence

        • Lasts 45 seconds, and enables you to be healed as normal

        • However, glowing in a dark underwater area tends to attract attention

        • You gain the Gaze from Below debuff if you’re in open water, meaning no platform directly below you

        • After 7s of having this debuff, you die instantly

        • You’ll need to get yourself back over a platform area if you get this debuff so you don’t die


Boss Abilities

  • Radiant Biomass

    • Afflicts the target (tank) with a debuff, allowing them to be healed as normal, but also dealing 50k nature damage per 3s for 15s. Does not stack, but gets refreshed each hit

  • Feeding Frenzy

    • Attack speed is increased by 8% for each consecutive attack on the same target (tank)

    • Forces a tank swap eventually to reset stacks

  • Shock Pulse

    • AoE damage ability, occurs within a circle around him. Deals up to 202k Nature damage, reduced by distance

    • If you’re out of the circle, you won’t take damage

    • Occurs every 35s while you’re actively fighting the boss

    • Tanks can just stay in and take the damage

  • Bioelectric Discharge

    • Whenever there is not a target within melee range for the boss, he lets out an AoE zap for 202k Nature damage to everyone

    • Should never occur

  • Toxic Spine

    • Boss shoots out toxic darts at several players, inflicting a DoT. Deals 45k Nature damage every 3s for 12s

  • Bioelectric Feelers

    • Every 3s, the boss “feels” around the area for clumps of players (3 or more players too close to each other)

    • If he finds a clump, he’ll zap everyone in the clump for 63k Nature damage

    • Important to stay relatively spread to prevent this


Transition Phase

  • At set timings, the boss will swim away and go “deeper” into the depths. You need to go chase him, and interrupt his cast before it insta-wipes the raid

  • Occurs at 1:45 and 4:10. 

  • Once he swims away, he begins casting Cavitation

    • 40s cast

    • If he completes, he’ll deal 377k Nature damage to the raid every 2s, wiping the raid rather quickly

  • Darkwater Jellyfish

    • There will be a number of Jellyfish between you and the boss. 

    • These Jellyfish have glowing stingers

    • If you get too close, you’ll be stung, and afflicted with Bioluminescence plus another DoT dealing 37k Nature damage every 2s for 8s

    • This is extremely deadly, as you’ll be over open water

    • If you’re stung, it’s very likely you’ll be eating by Gaze from Below

    • Don’t get stung

  • Slipstream

    • You’ll see a noticeable slipstream. If you touch  it, your swim speed is increased by 150% for 15 seconds



  • This fight seems to be intentionally undertuned, which is good since it's a rather annoying fight. The primary way people can kill themselves is with Bioluminescence

  • If you are a class with significant self-healing, ie Havoc DH, you can essentially ignore the Bioluminescence mechanic. Affliction warlocks could also do this with Drain Life. 

    • The actual amount of unavoidable damage going out is not very high, meaning if you have reliable self healing, you can out-heal the incoming damage

  • For everyone else, you’ll need to get Bioluminescence for most of the time actively fighting the boss

    • To do this, obviously you have to kill a Pufferfish. The first one should be bursted down, after that you can have multi-dotters just go to town on the next Puffer you want to pop

    • When your debuff is close to expiring, ranged DPS can swap to the Puffer as needed

    • You do NOT want to pop the 2nd pufferfish any later than 1:05 into the fight, otherwise you’ll have the debuff during the swim phase, which’ll kill you

      • Same also for the 2nd transition, you don’t want to pop a Puffer any later than 3:25. 

  • Melee should move out for Shock Pulse, unless you have some form of DR or immunity, IE Rogues using CoS

  • Toxic Spine just needs to be healed through

  • No 3 people should ever be too close to each other, if possible

    • You want to minimize the amount of Bioelectric Feeler damage done

  • Tanks will need to swap periodically. 8-10 stacks is a good point, although you can go a fair bit higher safely

  • Transition

    • Pretty straightforward, swim to the big fish. Touch a slipstream. Don’t touch the Jellyfish. Interrupt boss when most of the raid is there.


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