Queen's Court Mythic

This guide assumes you are familiar with the Heroic version of the fight. As such, I won't discuss how Heroic mechanics work, and will focus exclusively on the Mythic mechanics, changes, and strategy. If you need a refresher on Heroic mechanics, please visit the Heroic version of this boss's guide.

Mythic Changes

  • Everything hits MUCH harder. Yea I know that’s normal when discussing Mythic, but some abilities now actually really matter.

  • The only new mechanic is called Sphere of Influence

    • Big circle on the ground, comes out whenever a Decree is given. Based from where Azshara is when the Decree goes out

    • Standing in the circle deals 77k/second, just don’t stand in the circle

  • Potent Sparks, when exploding, now deal 172k Nature damage. Kinda hurts. 

    • These spawn at 0:21, 1:55, 3:26, 4:58, and 6:32



  • Comp - 2 tank, 4 heals, 14 DPS

    • This boss has a 7:30 enrage, which can certainly be tight when you’re progging on it. Just an fyi.

  • Many mechanics get handled like heroic, including the Decrees. Soak when you’re supposed to soak, don’t cast abilities twice in a row when you aren’t supposed to. Follow directions like we all learned in Kindergarten.

  • Tank the bosses ~22-24 yards from each other to prevent them from taking reduced damage

    • Tanks still swap at about 8 Pashmar stacks

      • You can time your taunts to be when Silivaz does his Frenetic Charge. This'll ensure no DPS downtime.​

    • Tanks will need to regularly reposition due to the Spheres of Influence. Make sure you aren’t standing in the bad, and that you’re giving the raid space to stand as well

    • The tank standing out during Zealous Eruptions will need a CD and some heavy healing - just from the storm they’ll take over 1 mil damage over 10 seconds

  • There are two major overlaps that really suck:

    • Stand in Formation + Sparks

    • Deferred Sentence + Sparks

    • More detail on this below for healers

  • Frenetic Charge needs to be handled properly. Ideally, get the puddles dropped as far to the edge of the room as you can. Players with immunities can solo this. If you don’t have an immunity, you’ll need 6-7 people to soak so nobody dies. You should pre-assign some players to be part of the soak team. 

  • Stand in Formation

    • These deal the same damage whether you’re actually in one soaking or not, as long as they all get soaked. 

    • Therefore, everyone should be helping soak. There’s no downside to 2-3 people being in one of the soak circles.

    • This’ll help you avoid accidentally missing one of the circles because people don’t want to oversoak.

    • If you miss a soak you die. Oversoak to prevent this.

  • The Decree “Deferred Sentence” has had the damage increased to a point it matters. When moving, you take 47-49k Nature damage every 1 second

    • When standing still, you build 1 stack every 2 seconds

    • Therefore, the less you move, the less total damage gets dealt

    • You want to move first when you hit 3 stacks. At that point, it’ll deal 147k damage, which is survivable. Too many stacks and it becomes deadly very quickly.

      • Then, wait until 5 stacks, and the whole raid moves again at the same time

        • Blow a big healing CD here if you can to keep everyone alive, use personals. 

        • Then, don’t move until the stacks end.

    • If necessary, you can move far and just take the ticking damage to get into a certain position, this won’t be the end of the world, but ideally you don’t want to cause extra damage.


Healer Stuffs

  • Most of the danger in this fight is the burst stuff. You’ll want pre-assigned CDs for the bursts. Since sparks don’t deal damage until killed, there’s a bit of variation. You’ll hafta get used to the exact timings your guild experiences

    • 1st set of sparks overlaps with Form Ranks. Can use 1 CD here, but tell your raid to just use personals to help

    • 2nd set of sparks overlaps with Deferred Sentence. Pop 2 CDs here

    • 3rd set of sparks doesn’t have a bad overlap. Can use 1 CD if necessary

    • 4th set of sparks overlaps with Form Ranks, pop 2 CDs here. Can use same ones as 2nd set.

    • 5th set of sparks doesn’t have a bad overlap, but use any remaining CDs as this is the last set of sparks you get

  • For the overlap sets, prioritize using big damage reduction CDs like Devo and/or Barrier

  • Make sure someone remembers to look at the tank who’s standing outside of the storm. Your friend is gonna get smoked to the tune of 1 million damage over 10s, plus melee damage. Don’t forget about them! (unless you don’t like that tank. In that case, it’s their own problem)


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