Orgozoa Mythic

This guide assumes you are familiar with the Heroic version of the fight. As such, I won't discuss how Heroic mechanics work, and will focus exclusively on the Mythic mechanics, changes, and strategy. If you need a refresher on Heroic mechanics, please visit the Heroic version of this boss's guide.

Mythic Changes

  • Arcing Current

    • This ability now zaps ALL players with Incubation Fluid. On Heroic, it only zaps 1 random player. This is a major increase in raid damage

  • Zoatroids spawn much more frequently, roughly every 35 seconds, give or take 3 seconds either way. 



  • Recommended comp - 3 tanks, 5 heals, 12 DPS

    • I know this comp seems odd, but this fight is a healing trap. At first, it feels like you should run more DPS and try to burn through the boss ASAP to reduce damage, but that just isn’t how the fight is designed. The fight is extremely healing intensive, so running 5 healers to stay alive is your best bet

    • 3 tanking allows smooth management of adds/puddles

    • EXCEPTION - If you have 2 BrM, you can 2 tank, 5 heal, 13 DPS. 

  • Lust on pull.

  • Positioning

    • Start with the whole raid in melee range

      • If you have Incubation Fluid, when Arcing Currents is about to cast, spread out /range6 from the rest of the raid, so you don’t chain people

      • By the end of P1, the entire raid will most likely have Incubation Fluid, meaning the entire raid will need to spread for Arcing Currents. Make sure you’re keeping an eye on the timer. 

    • Have a marker for where adds should be tanked. You want them just slightly outside of the 15 yard point, so they don’t get enraged, but some classes can still cleave them & the boss

    • In Phase 2, you’ll basically do the same positioning setup. 

  • Phase 1 is pretty straightforward other than what’s written above. Don’t get hit by the gunk falling from the sky, or you’ll die. Interrupt adds, each missed interrupt is about 36k damage on the raid. Fail at interrupting, you’re gonna have a bad time. French Fry when you’re supposed to Pizza, you’re gonna have a bad time. 

  • Controlling the Zoatroid levels is important. You’ll want several DPS to be in an AoE build to make sure they melt. Do not have your whole raid go AoE, start with half the raid and adjust based on your comp. More Pirate rogues/ pyromaniacs….I mean Fire mages, the less total people need to be AoE build. 

  • In Phase 2, when adds are up they need to die. Interrupt Witch casts, this is a priority. Zoatroids will keep coming at the same rate as P1, so continue blowing them up too. 

  • In general, try to make the Zoatroids die within a few seconds of each other, so the soak puddles explode near the same time. This’ll help prevent awkward situations where the soak tank’s stacks fall off during the last soak. Awkward situations are bad, let’s try to prevent that from happening.

  • Push Timing goal

    • You want to push the boss to 40%, ending Phase 1, before the 8th Arcing Current. This comes at about 4:20ish, so you want to push the boss by about 4:00-4:15.​


Tank-specific Info

  • Zoatroids!

    • The 3 tank setup is entirely to manage the zoatroids properly. Goes like this:

      • 1 tank picks up all Zoatroids, and in p2 also all the adds. This is the entirety of your job. 

      • Other 2 tanks rotate tanking Gorgonzola

        • Swap when 6+ stacks, and puddles need to be soaked

      • The tank with stacks will always soak puddles. As soon as your stacks fall off, you taunt the boss back, and swap positions with the other boss tank.

      • By setting it up like this, you’ll always have the adds positioned properly, and the person tanking the adds will never need to worry about when their Sting stacks are going to fall off, and also ensures that the tank responsible for soaks is able to focus just on soaks. 

    • You’ll do the same thing in P2 downstairs, but the soaker tank is also responsible for soaking the Hulk’s AoE. 


Healer Stuffs

  • You da real MVPs of this fight. This is a healing encounter, especially as you get later into P1 and P2. You’ll want healer CDs for Arcing Current, as the extra damage from that + the Incubation Fluid DoT will start wrecking people. The last minute of P1, the total HPS requirement is over 400k HPS, and can be close to 500k HPS. You’ll be pumpin’

  • With 5 healers, you’ll have lots of CDs. When making assignments for CDs, save the most mobile, and work backwards from there. When figuring out P2 cooldowns, assume roughly 35 seconds of downtime from the intermission

    • Arcing Current is cast at 0:45, then every 33 seconds. In general, you should push into P2 around the 4:30-ish mark.

    • Therefore, zaps will be at 0:45, 1:16, 1:46, 2:19, 2:52, 3:24, 3:57, 4:28

    • DPS goal is to push boss to 40% before that 4:28 zap, or you’re most likely just toast

    • You want the most mobile CDs used later in the phase, as your raid will basically all be dancing for Arcing Currents. Things like HTT and Devo Aura are great here, since they can be used and active while moving. Things like Barrier or SLT won’t be as good because people will be moving out of them to avoid chaining Arcing Currents

  • In Phase 2, you’ll have 5 more Arcing Currents to deal with, starting at about 0:38 after interrupting the intermission ability, then every 30 seconds again. Again, if DPS doesn’t kill the boss before a 6th zap, you’re probably toast

    • In general, the very first Arcing Current in each phase you won’t NEED a CD for. 

  • Once you get CD management down for Currents, and manage output properly for the end of P1, the fight will start to feel much more smooth

Positioning Info

So the idea here is a lot like Mythic Vectis in Uldir. Everyone stacks in melee range to make the healers not hate you. If you have Incubation Fluid, when Arcing Currents is about to cast you get out of the group and /range6. After the cast, you collapse back into melee. Rinse and repeat. The number of people needing to dance will increase each Arcing Currents cast, so by the end of Phase 1 most of the raid will need to do this.


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