• Tweaked p3 strat to recommend skipping 2nd Tidemistress

  • Updated p4 from the hotfix removing the tank swap ability

  • TLDR posted on the sheet!



  • Significant updates, re-wrote most of the guide to reflect how it works on live, as well as positioning tips and tricks.


  • Fixed the strategy to reflect tank swap every Tide Fist. Silly mistake on my own end, sorry about that!


Queen’s Court

  • Added tank-related info, including positioning

  • Updated info regarding Zealous Eruption, and how to have the Pashmar tank deal with this. Recommend utilizing external CDs


  • Significant Phase 4 strategy update, including timings of notable abilities, and more detail how to handle the Delirium Realm




  • Cleaned up info, removed “from testing” references



  • Changed some language to more accurately represent the fight on live, such as the Squal Traps. 

  • Added nice little tip for the knockback during Stormwraith

  • Removed references to ptr/testing, as all references are the same now that it’s live



  • Removed references to testing/ptr, as we can confirm things work as tested



  • Took out most references to PTR/testing. Still a couple things we couldn’t definitively determine, hopefully will confirm tonight



  • Significant changes to the tank taunt timings, to reflect how the Sting duration works on live servers.

  • Confirmed Zoatroids do spawn in Phase 2

  • Noted the actual damage from the Zoatroid puddle explosion. The Dungeon Journal's damage amount is incorrect, it does NOT deal 2 million damage. The real raw damage being dealt, before the Sting mitigation is applied, is about 424k damage.

  • Updated Intermission to reflect just running the gauntlet, as it’s clear Blizzard doesn’t want you jumping and skipping

    • Plus, they made the boss take 90% reduced damage during his Intermission cast, so jumping doesn’t provide much benefit either

  • The 3rd set of adds, which had been at 3:30, are no longer part of the fight.


Queen’s Court

  • Updated recommendations of how to deal with Frenetic Charge

  • Removed references to PTR/testing



  • Updated Summoner’s cast time to reflect live servers, 120 seconds

  • Removed PTR/testing references

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