Sivara Mythic    

This guide assumes you are familiar with the Heroic version of the fight. As such, I won't discuss how Heroic mechanics work, and will focus exclusively on the Mythic mechanics, changes, and strategy. If you need a refresher on Heroic mechanics, please visit the Heroic version of this boss's guide.

Mythic Changes

  • Everything hits harder, surprise surprise!

  • Sivara continues casting Chimeric Marks, reapplying the Toxic Brand and Frost Mark debuffs

    • Each time she casts this, everyone gains 1 stack of their respective buff

    • Occurs roughly every 22-26 seconds


  • Recommended comp - 2 tank, 5 heals, 13 DPS

  • Pretty much the same as heroic

  • The one change is handling the increased stacks of Toxic Brand and Frost Mark

    • As you know, the stacks of these can be reset by intentionally causing an Unstable Mixture explosion

    • You’ll need to have people clear their stacks when they are at about 6 or higher

    • As such, there’ll be noticeably higher overall raid damage

  • When you reach 5-6 stacks, just step into a puddle of the opposite color to reset your stacks. The raid damage isn’t that high from Unstable Mixture, and you should be good to just go whenever your stacks are high.

    • You can have your Raid Leader use a WA or addon to track everyone’s stacks, and call out individuals of when to clear. Doing this requires a lot of micro-management, but it’ll help prevent too many people overlapping clearing their stacks.

  • Make sure to drop any pools to the outer edges of the room. You don’t want to clog the middle

  • Make sure Overflows are handled properly. If you have an immunity, use it to solo soak. If your guild is having issues with this ability, I recommend having 3-4 people as assigned helpers to split the damage. This'll help ensure nobody gets stuck being 1 shot.

  • Use healing CD's as needed to deal with the AoE damage

  • Lust on pull

  • Make sure to break people out of the Javelins asap


Tank-Specific Tips

  • Tanks can solo-soak the Crushing Reverberation still, just make sure you have your Active Mitigation up and it shouldn’t be a problem

  • During Overwhelming Barrage, it’s very possible for your tank dot to fall off. Keep an eye on the cast time of Barrage, and the duration of your DoT. If it’ll fall off, get out to the edge of the room to drop your puddle

  • If you’re at 4+ stacks of Toxic Brand/Frost Mark, clip a puddle of the other color on your way back in after you drop your own puddle


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